ChatGPT success sees gaming giants swarm to invest in AI

“Large tech companies like Tencent have been pushing ahead with AI applications for years, but they have not tapped very deeply into the vertical area of AIGC to date,” said Zhang Shule, an analyst at CBJ Think Tank. 

The introduction of ChatGPT will compel game businesses to accelerate the development of AIGC while simultaneously spending more time on creative labor, which AI cannot replace, as per Shule. 

Giant Network, a Shanghai-based company, is offering an annual salary of up to 1.1 million yuan ($167,000) for an AI team leader. 

While as TapTap, a mobile game retailer, is paying interns with “strong foundations in computer vision or machine learning algorithms” up to 500 yuan ($73) a day.

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AI threatening gaming expertise, expert warns

AIGC is already being used by several businesses to improve their products.

To enable players to engage with non-player characters created by its in-house studio Leihuo, NetEase, the second-largest video game developer in China, will implement a ChatGPT-like feature in Justice Online, a mobile game scheduled to launch in June.

Developers of AI chatbots MiniMax has received funding from miHoYo, the company behind the popular game Genshin Impact in China.

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