Electric Workers Strike In Western Up: Cities And Villages Immersed In Darkness, Water Shortage

Electricity crisis is increasing in western UP due to the strike of electrical workers. Fault occurred on Saturday due to rain. Half of the city lost electricity due to his not getting well on time. Even from 2.30 pm to 10.30 pm, the supply could not be smooth in many areas. PVVNL has written a letter to the concerned company to terminate the services of 140 contract workers of Meerut zone involved in the strike. Due to no electricity, water was not available in many areas including Jagriti Vihar, Saket, Devlok, Brahmpuri, Begumpul, Kanth Ka Pul, Zakir Colony, Mohiuddinpur. At the same time, in Muzaffarnagar also, a case has been registered against 10 employees on the Tahrir of SDM Sadar Parmanand Jha in connection with the interruption of power supply. Know in further detail how the power system has come to a standstill in western UP.

In Meerut, the number of fault related complaints is increasing on the control room set up by PVVNNL and district administration. Till Saturday evening, more than 454 complaints of the city could not be resolved on time at the control room. There were 250 breakdowns in Meerut zone on Saturday. More than 10,000 complaints from 14 districts have been registered at the control room. 5800 complaints could not be resolved till 7 pm on Saturday.

On the other hand, the electrical workers remained on strike at Urja Bhawan. Chief Engineer Anurag Aggarwal told that the power supply is affected due to the strike. The problem has increased after the rains. An order has been issued to dismiss 140 contractual employees from service who participated in the strike. Satish Chandra Tyagi, a resident of Somdutt City, says that due to lack of electricity in the colony, even water could not be supplied in the evening. People had to worry.

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Lokesh Chandra, a resident of Shivaji Road, says that the inverter has stalled due to lack of light. We have to go here and there for water also. Shahid Abbasi of Rashidnagar said that several calls were made to the authorities, but no one answered.

ESMA case filed against 10 contract employees for obstructing power supply in Muzaffarnagar

SDM Sadar Parmanand Jha has filed a case against 10 contractual employees in the City Kotwali under the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) on charges of affecting the power supply system. ADM Administration Narendra Bahadur Singh said that strict action will be taken against the employees who are causing disruption.

SDM had given Tahrir in the city Kotwali that an attempt is being made to disrupt the power supply of power sub-stations by protesting by the electricity contract employees. Other employees are also not being allowed to come on duty. The power system is being incited to stop. Due to which power supply is getting affected. In this work, Electrical sub-station District Conservator Jagroshan Lal, New Roorkee Road Electrical Sub-station Gulzar Ahmed, Sub-station Kakrauli Shahzad Alam, Sub-station Mimlana Babu Kumar, Sub-station Rampur Tiraha Navneet Kumar, Sub-station Roorkee Road Bhavnesh Bhardwaj, Mandi Committee New Mandi Sub-station Pratap Kumar, Sub-station Gandhi The names of Colony Krishnapal, sub-centre Barla Chhapar Sachin Kumar, Purkaji Sanej have come to the fore.

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Due to the strike of electrical workers in Saharanpur, the power system from the city to the countryside got derailed. The situation was made worse by wind and rain. Due to fault in the lines, power supply remained suspended for 10 hours in the city and 18 hours in more than 800 villages in the countryside. Due to non-availability of electricity in the metropolis, tube wells did not work, due to which people yearned for water in the morning. Citizens’ inverters responded. Alternative arrangements also did not work.

More than 200 complaints reached the control room

A district control room has been set up near the office of the Superintendent Engineer of Electricity Corporation located at Ghantaghar. Due to the strike of electrical workers, complaints are coming in the control room. On Saturday, more than 200 complaints of no electricity, disconnection etc. were received.

Water supplied by municipal tankers

When there was a power failure due to the strike of the electrical workers, people also yearned for water. After this, former councilor Mansoor Badar called three water tankers from the Municipal Corporation and made them stand at Sarai Shahji and Machiyaran. Then water was supplied to other areas.

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In Shamli district, the involvement of contract workers in the strike of electrical workers has become overwhelming. On the orders of DM Ravindra Kumar, the service of 17 contract workers has been terminated. Agra’s company has put him out of service.

The DM said that due to the strike of the employees of the Electricity Department, there is no power cut in the district. Electricity is being supplied as per roster. The DM directed the officials of the Electricity Department that the power supply should not be interrupted during this period. Also, if there is an emergency somewhere, instructions have been given to repair it immediately. Along with the deployment of magistrate and police, nodal officers have also been appointed by the administration to ensure security and electrical arrangements at all the sub-centres. A control room has been set up at the district headquarters for any kind of problem. An FIR will be lodged against the contract workers of the Electricity Department who will participate in the strike. If any officer and employee of the Electricity Department obstructs the work, action will be taken against him.

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