Hope of Shikshamitras: On completion of six years, the Yogi government will give the gift of a better future, will increase the honorarium – Shikshamitra Want Up Government Will Increase Their Salary.

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The Uttar Pradesh government is completing its six-year term on 25 March. In such a situation, about 1.40 lakh Shikshamitras working in the state have hope for a bright future from the government. Uttar Pradesh Primary Shikshamitra Sangh has demanded that the government should gift them a better future on this occasion.

Shikshamitra is working in primary schools since 2001. Those who do work like normal teachers, but they do not get better honorarium and encouragement. After the cancellation of the adjustment of Shikshamitras by the Supreme Court on July 25, 2017, they are getting only 10,000 per month honorarium. With this honorarium, he is not even able to maintain his family in this inflation.

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Union State Minister Kaushal Kumar Singh said that due to financial constraints, he is facing many other problems. Many teachers are in depression. The Sangh demands the Chief Minister to solve the problems of Shikshamitras at the earliest, so that they too can lead a dignified life.

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