In Order To Relieve Pain Kidneys Are Deteriorating, Main Reason For The Use Of Painkillers In Patients

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To get rid of all the pains like back pain, knee pain, body pain, headache, the kidneys of people who are taking painkillers without thinking are getting damaged. If symptoms like burning sensation in urine, less urine, swelling of face and legs emerge, the patient comes to the hospital and gets examined. Then it is known that kidney failure has come due to the use of painkiller salts.

Kanpur Kidney Foundation found in a sample survey of such patients that 11 to 12 percent of the total patients of kidney failure had problems due to pain killers. Experts say that patients take painkillers mindlessly for months, years to relieve pain. This causes problems. Dr. DK Sinha, convenor of the Foundation, Senior Nephrologist, says that there are two types of patients in these too.

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