SP will make booth management the mantra of victory: Along with traditional vote bank, focus will be increased on extremely backward and Dalits – Samajwadi Party National Executive Meeting In Kolkata.

Akhilesh Yadav in the National Executive of SP.

Akhilesh Yadav in the National Executive of SP.
Photo: amar ujala


Samajwadi Party will especially focus on booth management for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The party will focus on the most backward and Dalits along with the traditional vote bank. The participation of women will also be increased. Party leaders will make caste census, oppression an issue. The frontal organizations of the party will raise the issue of fees and recruitment in higher education institutions, student union elections and neglect of health facilities. Mainpuri model will also be adopted in booth management. Under this, a committee will separately measure the political temperature of the concerned Lok Sabha constituency. This decision was taken in the meeting of the National Executive being held in Kolkata.

In the executive meeting, most of the speakers insisted on saving the minority vote bank. Said that faith has to be maintained in them that only SP can protect their interests. In the meeting, other senior leaders including Prof. Ramgopal, Shivpal Singh Yadav, Lalji Suman, Kiranmoy Nanda emphasized on booth management. These leaders said that the booth committee should be multi-level. In this, workers of different castes should be selected according to the population of the concerned booth. But, it should be kept in mind that if there are two-four families of a fraternity at the concerned booth, then the worker of the concerned fraternity should also be in the committee, so that he can bring the voters of his fraternity to the booth.

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Where there are people of every caste, the participation of extremely backward and Dalits should be increased. Among the Dalits, it should be ensured that workers belonging to their different castes compulsorily remain in the booth. Lalji Suman repeatedly emphasized that instead of paying attention only to those who visit the party office, attention should be given to those who struggle at the booth. Other leaders also agreed on this. Other women leaders including Jaya Bachchan, Lilavati Kushwaha insisted on increasing the participation of women in all committees from district to booth level. It was supported by Prof. Ram Gopal. He announced that women would be given respect at all costs. The office bearers of Mahila Sabha should be linked through various coordination committees. Mahila Sabha should be fully activated. She can connect half the population with the party by going to people’s homes.

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Accountability will be fixed: It was agreed in the executive that the accountability system of the leaders would be perfected. The people who will be given the responsibility of any Lok Sabha constituency or assembly constituency, a report will be taken from them about the entire arrangement there. After going to the concerned area, the changes made by the leader and the result will be reviewed. Those who do not give results as per the expectation of the party, they will be avoided from giving such responsibility in future.

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