Aligarh News:Husband asked to convert, Durga idol vandalised, insisting on making meat during Navratri – Case Filed Against Five People Pressurizing Religion Change

CO Barla Sarjana Singh talking to Karni Sena officials – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion A girl from the Muslim community got married to a Hindu youth. It went well for a few months, but now the woman and her family are being accused of pressurizing all the youth’s family members to convert. There are also … Read more

Vandalism: Father-son beat pregnant bitch, then dragged her with a noose, death, case filed – Father Son Beat Pregnant Bitch Dragged Her With A Noose Died

barbarta’s video viral Photo: Video Grab Expansion Father and son first beat a pregnant bitch fiercely with sticks, then even after this they were not satisfied, they put a noose around her neck and dragged her into the street. Due to which the bitch died painfully. As soon as the video of this incident surfaced … Read more

Aligarh News: Goat Stealing Car Rider Arrested, Sent To Jail – Goat Stealing Car Rider Arrested Sent To Jail

goat thief hamid – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion Police arrested a car rider who had stolen a goat from village Husaipur Dehmafi in Gangiri area of ​​Aligarh. 25500 rupees have also been recovered from him. A month ago, a car rider had stolen the goat of former Pradhan Ramveer Singh. After that, on March 26, … Read more

Aligarh News:45 Police Personnel Got Gallantry Award For Excellent Service

Aligarh DIG Anand Kulkarni and other IPS honoring women constable – Photo: Rupesh Kumar Expansion Amar Ujala felicitated the police officers and employees who put aside their personal problems for the sake of public safety and for their excellent service, they were presented with medals and citations. On Wednesday, under the joint aegis of Amar … Read more

Aligarh News: Car collided with bike when backing up, report against three for assaulting Pradhan – Report Against Three For Assaulting Pradhan

Principal Amit Kumar Rana – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion Some people assaulted and insulted the village head by using caste-indicative words in front of the Atrauli development block office in a dispute over a car hitting a bike. Police has registered a report against three people including two named and one unknown in Kotwali. Pradhan … Read more

Aligarh News: Young Man Took The Girl Playing Outside The House Tried To Physical Harassments

child rape attempt – Photo: Symbolic Expansion A case of attempted rape with a 12-year-old girl playing outside the house has come to light in a village under Tappal police station area in Aligarh. The relatives alleged that instead of taking the complaint, the police started threatening them. Instead of demanding medical examination of the … Read more

Aligarh News: Child Sleeping In The Madrasa Maulvi Caught Him And Did Misdeeds, Police Arrested – Child Sleeping In The Madrasa Maulvi Caught Him And Did Misdeeds

code picture – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion The child used to study while staying in the madrasa. One night when the child was sleeping, the Maulvi caught hold of the child with a bad intention. By threatening the child, the Maulvi committed the misdeed. When the family members came to know about the action of … Read more

Aligarh News:Threat Of Miscreants Girl Student Stopped Going To College Got Threat Of Throwing Acid

Threatening to burn the girl student with acid Photo: File photo Expansion Shohde has threatened to burn a post-graduate student of Aligarh metropolis’s Dehli Gate area with acid. After this threat, the student has stopped going to college. In this matter, a complaint was made to the SSP on Monday, on which the police station … Read more

Aligarh News:Parents went to the farm, teenager left alone at home

rape case symbolic Photo: amar ujala Expansion In a village of Akrabad police station area, a case of rape has come to light after entering the house and holding a teenager hostage at the point of knife. On the complaint of the victim’s father, the police have registered a case against the accused. The teenager … Read more

Aligarh News: Picked up the girl from puppet, tried to rape in auto, caught and beaten by public – Picked Up The Girl, Tried To Physical Harestment In Auto

attempted rape – Photo: Amar Ujala Digital Expansion An auto driver abducted a minor girl from Kathpula in Bannadevi area of ​​Aligarh metropolis and tried to rape her by taking her near Alampur Gadia. In time, the public gathered on the noise of the girl nabbed the accused and handed him over to the police. … Read more

Aligarh News: On Children Aadhaar Cards Husband Beat Wife With A Stick Injured By Blade

blade attack symbolic – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion Realizing the importance of Aadhaar card, the woman asked her husband to get Aadhaar cards made for the children. The husband first beat the wife with a stick on just this matter, then took a blade and cut the body at many places. The wife has given … Read more

Aligarh News: Took Girl To Hotel Physical Harassments Her Unconscious Made Obscene Videos

Porn video made symbolic after rape Expansion In Aligarh’s Harduaganj, a young man trapped a neighboring girl in Premjaal on the pretext of marriage. Recently, he took the girl to a hotel in Aligarh. There, after giving intoxicants, they raped and made obscene videos. Now the accused is refusing to marry and is threatening to … Read more