Companies are struggling to keep their secrets out of ChatGPT

Sam Sabin

Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios Employers are struggling to figure out how to fold ChatGPT into their workflows without risking the security of their corporate secrets, customer information and intellectual property. The big picture: Engineers and programmers across many industries have found great utility in refining code or double-checking their work by running it through ChatGPT. However, … Read more

Data spills in the age of AI

Scott Rosenberg

Ilustration: Rebecca Zisser / Axios This week’s tech headlines offer a compendium of data-loss nightmares: The personal data of members of Congress was potentially exposed after hackers broke into a D.C. health-insurance system. Police asked an Ohio businessman for video from his Ring doorbell camera, then issued a warrant for footage from more than 20 … Read more

For generative AI and ChatGPT, the hunt for a business model begins

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios The generative AI revolution will be monetized, but nobody can yet say exactly how. The big picture: It seems logical that if AI can conduct conversations and produce images, companies will figure out how to use it to build revenue and profits — but there’s no guarantee, and the technology could also … Read more

Generative AI is a legal minefield

Illustration: Allie Carl/Axios New generative AI systems like ChatGPT and Dall-E raise a host of novel questions for a legal system that always imagined people, rather than machines, as the creators of content. Why it matters: The courts will have to sort out knotty problems like whether AI companies had rights to use the data … Read more