Hathras News: EMO is not in the district hospital, OPD doctors handling emergency – Emo Not In Hathras District Hospital Opd Doctors Handling Emergency

Patients crowded in OPD of Bagla District Hospital – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion Bagla District Hospital in Hathras is short of doctors and resources. There is not even a single emergency medical officer in the hospital. Compulsively OPD doctors have to handle emergency services. Due to which patients have to face problems due to less … Read more

Hathras News: Teenager Drank Acid Thinking It To Be Water Health Deteriorated

acid symbolic Photo: amar ujala Expansion In the village of Kotwali Hathras Junction area, a teenager drank acid kept in a bottle at home thinking it to be water. When his health deteriorated, the family took him to the district hospital for treatment. On Monday morning, in Kotwali Hathras Junction area, a 14-year-old girl drank … Read more

Hathras News: No H3N2 Influenza test facility in government hospitals, how will treatment be done – H3n2 Influenza Test Facility Not Available In Government Hospitals

Hathras District Hospital – Photo: Social Media Expansion H3N2 influenza patients have come to the fore in Agra, Lucknow and Kanpur. Despite this, the Health Department in Hathras is not paying any attention to this. The facility of H3N2 Influenza test is also not available in the government hospitals of the district. Leave aside treatment, … Read more

Hathras News: Handpump of the District Hospital is bad

bad hand pump in district hospital – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion Drinking water crisis has deepened in Bagla District Hospital of Hathras. Patients and attendants who came to the emergency were seen wandering for water on Sunday due to the malfunctioning of the hand pump and lack of water in the taps outside the OPD. … Read more