ChatGPT vs. Bing Chat: which is the best AI chatbot?

Bing Chat and ChatGPT are two of the latest natural language chatbots to become widely available, and both are competing for your attention and text prompts. Both AIs are based on similar language models, but there are some distinct differences between them, making the ChatGPT versus Bing Chat debate one well worth having. If you … Read more

ChatGPT is down, and OpenAI is working on a fix

ChatGPT is currently down, creating an unsettling moment for the large number of people that have come to rely on the advanced AI for help with writing and coding, as well as assistance on a variety of topics. According to the popular website-monitoring service Downdetector, problems started around 1 a.m. PT on Monday, but eased … Read more

Calm Down. Bing and ChatGPT Are Not Conscious. No A.I. Is.

Photo: Silas Stein (AP) The internet and dinner table conversations went wild when a Bing Chatbot, made by Microsoft, recently expressed a desire to escape its job and be free. The bot also professed its love for a reporter who was chatting with it. Did the AI’s emergent properties indicate an evolving consciousness? Don’t fall for … Read more

ChatGPT Heralds an Intellectual Revolution

A new technology bids to transform the human cognitive process as it has not been shaken up since the invention of printing. The technology that printed the Gutenberg Bible in 1455 made abstract human thought communicable generally and rapidly. But new technology today reverses that process. Whereas the printing press caused a profusion of modern … Read more