Holi 2023: Historical Ram Baraat in Bareilly

In the historic Ram Baraat of Bari Bamanpuri in Bareilly, the Huriyars used a lot of colors and gulal and left no stone unturned to drench the city residents with colors. Wherever the group of huriyars passed by in the merriment of Holi, there was an impression of colors on the streets. Ram Barat was … Read more

Three places in India that are must-go-to destinations to celebrate colorful festival

First Published Mar 5, 2023, 4:04 PM IST Holi is right around the corner, so it’s time to pack your bags and plan a trip for a long weekend. Mostly, we celebrate the festival at home, so why not try something new this year? Explore these three cities in India that are renowned for their … Read more