A Chat with an AI CAD Designer via ChatGPT

Eric Utley These images were generated with 2D-image generator Midjourney. Everyone is talking about it, and maybe you’ve even tried it. The release of OpenAi’s ChatGPT has unleashed a wave of renewed interest in artificial intelligence (AI). It can perform intriguing tasks like write a contract in seconds instead of hours or even write your … Read more

Mercedes-Benz Is Experimenting With ChatGPT AI Chatbot in Cars—Is It Any Good?

Mercedes just couldn’t resist. As artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots like ChatGPT continue to find the spotlight, the German automaker recently showed off how its future luxury cars and SUVs could one day integrate the tech to inform and delight passengers. We recently learned about the new 2024 E-Class interior and Mercedes’ new operating system. Called, … Read more