Up: Big action on Haji Yakub, expensive vehicles including Mercedes and Jaguar, hospital-school and land will be seized today

Haji Yakub and SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion Police has made preparations to confiscate the property worth more than Rs 31 crore of former minister Haji Yakub Qureshi. The property has been assessed on the report of PWD. Haji Yakub’s property has been found at 26 places in the district. In … Read more

Up: Yakub Qureshi Mercedes Car Including 32 Luxury Vehicles And Land Hospital And School Will Be Confiscated

The confiscation of assets worth Rs 31.77 crore under Gangster 14(A) will lower the status of Haji Yakub Qureshi. From 32 expensive vehicles including Mercedes, Ranger Rover, Jaguar, Audi of the Yakub family, the police will take possession of all their three closets. Yakub’s land has been found in 10 villages. Other property including hospital … Read more

Meerut: Both sons of Yakub Qureshi got bail within two months, questions raised on lax action of police

Imran Qureshi, Firoz Qureshi – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion Imran Qureshi has also been released from jail on Saturday after Firoz alias Bhura, son of former minister Yakub Qureshi, due to lax police action. In two serious cases, both the brothers got bail within two months. Questions are being raised on the interpretation of the … Read more