Hathras News: 30 out of 40 handpumps in Meetai are bad, people are facing drinking water crisis – 30 Out Of 40 Handpumps In Meetai Are Bad

Defective hand pump in Meetai – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion The government has included many areas of the city in the limits of the municipality, but the people of the area are deprived of basic facilities. The people of Meetai are already facing drinking water crisis. Here 30 out of 40 handpumps are defunct. Even … Read more

Hathras News: Handpumps are also asking for water, who listens to their story – Hand Pumps Also Asking For Water Who Listen To Their Story

bad hand pump – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion With the onset of summer, the drinking water crisis has started. In Mohalla Gijrauli, 35 out of 75 India Mark two taps are defective. Drinking water is not being supplied here even under the AMRUT scheme. The people of the locality are facing drinking water shortage. The … Read more

Hathras News: Handpump of the District Hospital is bad

bad hand pump in district hospital – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion Drinking water crisis has deepened in Bagla District Hospital of Hathras. Patients and attendants who came to the emergency were seen wandering for water on Sunday due to the malfunctioning of the hand pump and lack of water in the taps outside the OPD. … Read more