cow: Gujarat to host 4-day event to promote investment in cow-based industry

Rajkot will host a four-day global summit and expo starting May 24 to promote investment in cow-based industries. Organised by the Global Confederation of Cow-Based Industries, the event, Gap Tech 2023, is targeted at startups, innovators, entrepreneurs and industries with the aim of attracting new entrepreneurs and investors in cow-based industries, said Vallabh Kathiria, former … Read more

Amazon Holi sale 2023: Holi Sale 2023: 40% – 60% off on Holi Essentials for a Fun and Colourful Celebration

Holi is a festival of colours, joy, love, and celebration. To make your holi celebrations even more special, you need the right holi essentials. From vibrant colours to tasty treats and special decorations, the holi essentials will help you create the perfect atmosphere for your holi party. Whether you’re hosting a party for your family … Read more