Nashik’s unique flower shaped sweet Abhushan Mithai resembles garland of flowers

The Abhushan Mithai is an exquisite delicacy that resembles a garland of flowers. It is made using a crystallized syrup structure shaped like flowers and held together with silver wires. This delectable sweet is prepared in Khedgaon, Nashik, where it has been a part of the local culture for over 70 years. Updated Mar 5, … Read more

Holi 2023: Artists in Nashik Make Flower-Shaped Sweets ‘Hargangan Flowers’ for Customers To Consume on Holi (See Pics)

Ahead of the festival of Holi, artists in Maharashtra’s Nashik area were seen making flower-shaped sweets for customers for the festival of colours. Known as “Hargangan flowers”, the flower-shaped sweets are made with sugar, and lemon with added colour and are consumed on the day of Holi.┬áHoli 2023 Places for Celebrations: From Mathura to Barsana, … Read more