Hathras News: Counting three times, got 99-99 votes, the one who opposed the decision by casting a slip won

Crowd creating ruckus on Khonda self dependent means committee – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion Polling was held in 12 wards of the five self-dependent means cooperative society of Sahapau region from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday. The counting of votes started after 4 pm. In this, Shiv Singh and Ajit Pachauri of Ward … Read more

Hathras News: Effect Of Strike Of Electricity Workers Started Showing Half The Town Remained In Darkness

Children reading by candlelight during a power outage – Photo: Mukesh Sharma Expansion The effect of the strike of electricity workers is visible across the state. Power supply remained disrupted in Sahapau town of Hathras at night. Due to the strike, no one came to repair the fault after the power line got faulted at … Read more

Hathras News: Diesel was filled in the ambulance, repairs were done, money was deducted from salary, then the driver resigned – Ambulance Driver Resigns After Salary Cut

Resignation – Photo: Symbolic Expansion A driver working on an ambulance in Sahapau CHC has resigned due to the deduction of money from his salary for filling diesel in the ambulance. Driver Hariom told in his resignation letter to EME-PM that he is the driver of Sahapau CHC’s ambulance. The money for filling diesel in … Read more