Electricity Workers Strike: Electricity Missing For 20 Hours In Mirzapur, People Wandering For Water, There Was An Outcry

Electricity workers strike: Electricity missing for 20 hours in Mirzapur, people wandering for water – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion The power supply system has collapsed in Mirzapur district. Electricity has been missing for more than twenty hours in many localities including the Vasaliganj clock tower of the city. There is an outcry for drinking water. … Read more

Electric Workers Strike In Western Up: Cities And Villages Immersed In Darkness, Water Shortage

Electricity crisis is increasing in western UP due to the strike of electrical workers. Fault occurred on Saturday due to rain. Half of the city lost electricity due to his not getting well on time. Even from 2.30 pm to 10.30 pm, the supply could not be smooth in many areas. PVVNL has written a … Read more

Photos:The Well Was Made A Support For Water, Then People Reached The Ghat For Bath, This Happened Due To Power Failu

Due to the strike by the employees of the Electricity Department, the power supply system in Varanasi has collapsed. In many villages the supply has stopped for 20 to 30 hours. Even drinking water is not available. People say that somehow work is done in the rural areas, but in the city people are yearning … Read more

People in Varanasi Bemoaned Due To Power Cut Cm Yogi Also Visited In The Dark

CM Yogi also worshiped Kaal Bhairav ​​in the dark – Photo: Amar Ujala Expansion In Varanasi, people have been shocked by the power cut. Now anger is also bursting. People took to the streets and demonstrated in all areas. Slogans were also raised against the Electricity Corporation and the administration. Jammed. Traffic has been affected … Read more

Mau News:Strike Caused Power Failure, Fight For Water

Due to interruption of power supply, there is darkness in village Rai and people waiting for electricity to come. – Photo: Samvad News Agency Expansion Due to the strike of the employees of the Electricity Department, the power supply system in the district has collapsed. In many villages the supply has stopped for 20 to … Read more

The condition of western UP: Electricity supply to more than a thousand villages has stopped due to the strike of workers in western up

In Dehat, about 800 villages of Behat, Salempur Gada, Ghunna, Dabki, Hakimpura, Dabki, Sarsawa, Ambehta, Sarsawa, Kailashpur, ITI, Deoband, Nagal, Rampur Maniharan, Nanauta, Hajipur, Gangoh and Nakud got electricity till 12 midnight on Friday. It was stalled. There was darkness in Rasulpur, Kavadpur, Chakkhijpur, Todarpur, Nunyari, Jodhebans, Kansepur, Baharampur, Tidkua, Tatohal, Dhaulra etc. villages connected … Read more

Electricity workers strike: Power crisis deepens in Sonbhadra, Anpara-B and D project is being operated like this

Expansion The electricity crisis has started deepening in the state due to the strike by the electricity employees. After 10 pm on Thursday, there was a sharp decline in power generation due to the employees going on strike. Many units of State Production Corporation have closed down. Even the units which are in operation, the … Read more