These Employees Aren’t Scared ChatGPT Is Taking Their Jobs

Office drama is brewing around when employees—and their bosses—are allowed to use ChatGPT at work. The generative artificial intelligence technology from OpenAI—a startup backed by billions of dollars from Microsoft Corp.—was released at the end of November and instantly embraced by many workers to create professional-sounding emails and PowerPoint presentations, as well as strings of … Read more

OpenAI Rolls Out Updated Version of Viral Chatbot ChatGPT

The company behind the viral chatbot ChatGPT launched a new version of its artificial intelligence technology on Tuesday, saying it was more powerful and predictable than previous versions and capable of analyzing images and handling much larger blocks of text. The announcement from OpenAI—a startup backed by billions of dollars from Microsoft Corp. —is the … Read more

Baidu Scrambles to Ready China’s First ChatGPT Equivalent Ahead of Launch

A week away from the March 16 launch of Baidu Inc.’s BIDU -0.38% ChatGPT equivalent, employees at China’s biggest search-engine operator said they are racing to meet the deadline with the chatbot still struggling to perform some basic functions.  To develop the artificial-intelligence-powered chatbot, dubbed Ernie Bot, hundreds of people have been working around the … Read more

Enterprise Startups Race to Cash In on ChatGPT Mania

Enterprise software startups are racing to put the technology popularized by OpenAI’s viral ChatGPT chatbot to use in business software applications, hoping to leverage market buzz over the tool’s humanlike language abilities to grab the attention of corporate technology leaders and investors. Venture-capital investors worldwide last year put $1.3 billion over 78 deals into startups … Read more

The Challenge to Humanity From ChatGPT

The OpenAI logo and ChatGPT website, Feb. 26. Photo: Jakub Porzycki/Zuma Press Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt and Daniel Huttenlocher are luminaries whose words deserve to be taken seriously (“ChatGPT Heralds an Intellectual Revolution,” op-ed, Feb. 25). But their central thesis, that a computer program could “transform the human cognitive process” in a way tantamount to … Read more

Apple Blocks Update of ChatGPT-Powered App, as Concerns Grow Over AI’s Potential Harm

Apple Inc. AAPL 0.41% has delayed the approval of an email-app update with AI-powered language tools over concerns that it could generate inappropriate content for children, according to communications Apple sent to the app maker. The software developer disagrees with Apple’s decision. Apple took steps last week to block an update of email app BlueMail … Read more

Facebook Parent, Snap Embrace AI Technology That Powers ChatGPT Chatbot

Facebook META -0.50% parent Meta Platforms Inc. and Snap Inc. are embracing the much talked-about artificial-intelligence technology popularized by OpenAI’s viral ChatGPT chatbot.   Meta is establishing a group aimed at accelerating adoption of the so-called generative AI technology across the company, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said Monday. Meta, which also owns Instagram and messaging app … Read more

In the Whirl of ChatGPT, Startups See an Opening for Their AI Chips

As major chip players— Nvidia Corp. , Intel Corp. , Advanced Micro Devices Inc. among them—rush to capitalize on the popularity of generative artificial intelligence, startups are seeing their chance to grab a bigger piece of that pie as well. “There’s new openings for attack and opportunity for those players because the types of chips … Read more

ChatGPT Heralds an Intellectual Revolution

A new technology bids to transform the human cognitive process as it has not been shaken up since the invention of printing. The technology that printed the Gutenberg Bible in 1455 made abstract human thought communicable generally and rapidly. But new technology today reverses that process. Whereas the printing press caused a profusion of modern … Read more